Connected Coaching

See what it’s like to have the experts in your corner this season. MEGA’s Connected Coaching Program gives your goaltender access to a full season of training content and guidance. From weekly skill progressions to goalie specific mental skills training so you are confident and ready for any challenge, all of which are supported by LIVE Q&A sessions to ensure all team members will have an edge this season.

About MEGA Goaltending

MEGA programs have been designed to develop and refine a goaltender’s skills in a challenging and purposeful environment. The dynamic coaching staff includes multiple collegiate goalie coaches who bring a unique blend of coaching and playing experience ensuring every student receives a quality training experience.

When participating in MEGA programs you can expect to learn not only the most current methods of goaltending but also give you the time and repetitions to discover which methods work best for you. In addition, MEGA coaches are passionate about developing the type of mental skills that will not only serve you well in the crease, but later in life as well.

Benefits of working with a Proven Leader | Expert | Mentor

Proven Plan

Capitalize on the same development plan that has produced over 85 NCAA Goaltenders. Detailed drills, discussion points and examples from the pros keep you on track and executing the most current techniques in the game.


Stop chasing fragmented information and start working a proven plan that builds confidence and consistency in your game.

Personal Attention

Your Expert Mentor at MEGA will provide you with the most individualized support based on your style! Whether its analyzing a drill, breaking down game film or developing your focus we have your back this season!

Trusted by Parents

Peace of Mind

The time for ignoring goalies or leaving them to develop on their own is OVER! . Connected Coaching ensures your goaltender receives the attention they deserve and is often missing during the season.
“I was very pleased with the level of engagement and detailed coaching my son received. The communication was excellent and easy to follow. My wife and I quickly saw the improvement and confidence in his game.”
Prior Lake, MN

Connected Coaching

MEGA’s Connected Coaching program customized for each goaltender and matching the phase of the season to ensure the building of muscle memory and quality habits leading you into play-offs!
$ 600

Per Hockey Season

  • ● Progressive weekly webinars and top level coaching examples
  • ● Assigned weekly development action items (to do at home or at your practice)
  • ● Sport Psych
  • ● Access to an interactive group in CoachNow
  • ● Group Meeting at the beginning of your hockey season

Connected Coaching Elite 6

MEGA’s Connected Coaching Elite Program allows you to share clips of your games, practices or skill sessions with our certified staff. We can then analyze and provide feedback, suggested drills and exercises to ensure you are progressing along an elite path.
$ 2499

Per Hockey Season

  • ● Limited to only 6 goalies
  • ● Progressive weekly webinars and top level coaching examples
  • ● Assigned weekly development action items
  • ● Individual platform to post, and log your personal practice videos.
  • ● Monthly personalized feedback and interaction of your personal practice videos with MEGA coach via CoachNow
  • ● Sport Psych content and individual meeting with Bailey Thompson of FHIT Performance
  • ● Monthly Game Reviews (up to 5 no carry over from season to season)
  • ● Group Zoom Meeting

Connected Coaching Pro

MEGA’s Connected Coaching Pro will utilize the cutting edge TPE platform to breakdown your saves and goals against while combing it with NHL- level analytics to ensure we target areas of growth and capitalize on your strengths in net. This program leaves no stone unturned by combining every expert resource a goalie would need to deliver the highest coaching experience to you this season.
$ 3500

Per Hockey Season

  • ● 1:1 Interaction with Coach
  • ● Personally tailored in season development path
  • ● Weekly webinars and top level coaching examples
  • ● Assigned weekly development action items tailored to goaltenders specific needs
  • ● Individual Platform to share Practice and Game Video
  • ● Weekly review and analysis of your personal practice video
  • ● Weekly Personal Game Review
  • ● Sport Psych content plus an individual meeting with Bailey Thompson of FHIT Performance
  • ● Interaction via CoachNow
  • ● Personal Zoom Meetings
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